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  • Celebrate Father’s Day with our Limited Edition Black Bamboo Candle!

    “A Father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.”


    Inscribed on our limited edition Father’s Day candle, this quote is symbolic of Dad at the helm, laying the foundation of teachings that we apply in all aspects of our lives, from the playground to adulthood.

    When we are young, Dad is our Superman.  He is strong and wise and can do no wrong.  We love him when he is home and miss him terribly when he is away.  He’s silly, but at the same time, he is tough.  It’s the combination of the two that make such an impact on our lives.  As we grow, and perhaps after we have our own children, we realize how much Dad did for us, how much he loves us, and how much he taught us.

    There’s always a special place in our hearts for Dad. This Father’s Day, show your appreciation for all he’s done with a gift that will warm his heart.  Our limited edition 16 oz Village Classics Black Bamboo candle, inscribed with this sentimental quote and beautifully packaged in a designer gift box, is the perfect way to show him how much he means to you.

    An appropriate aroma for Dad, he will enjoy the sophisticated, cool, calming nature of this candle.  Look for it proudly displayed on his desk or wherever he enjoys a moment of relaxation (while deciding that you are his favorite child!).

    While this candle is the perfect gift for Father’s Day, it is also a great Father’s candle for ANY day – dad’s birthday, Christmas, or just because!

    From all of us at Village Candle, we wish all the Dads out there a very happy and special Father’s Day!


  • Aromatherapy: Using Scent to Change Your Mood

    Throughout the day, we are subject to many different kinds of emotions, whether it’s stress, anxiety, fatigue, or sadness.  But did you know that simply lighting a candle can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul?  Read below to see how the healing powers of aromatherapy and our true-to-life fragrant candles can work for you.

    Bergamot: This lovely aroma is described as fresh, lively, fruity, and sweet.  Bergamot is an excellent deodorizer and also helps fight viruses.  Its aromatherapy qualities are uplifting, inspiring, and confidence building.

    Village Candle matches: Mandarin Sunflower Radiance Collection, Balsam Fir Décor Collection, Balsam Fir Village Classics, Balsam Fir Premium Round, Canyon Sunset Premium Round, and Rainbow Radiance Collection.


    Cedarwood:  This balsamic-woody aroma evokes a feeling of inner strength and is used to ease stress and anxiety as well as treat congestion.

    Village Candle matches: Cherry Blossom Radiance Collection, Black Bamboo Décor Collection, Black Bamboo Premium Round Collection, Christmas Tree Premium Round Collection, Freedom Freshener, and Siberian Pine Radiance Collection.


    Cinnamon: Warm with a floral-enhancing effect, this wonderful fragrance improves moods, vigor, and concentration.

    Village Candle matches: Apple Pumpkin Décor Collection, Apple Pumpkin Limited Edition Premium Round, Apples & Cinnamon Premium Round, Baked Apple New Kitchen Collection, Cinnamon Bun Premium Round, Cinnamon Spice Décor Collection, Cinnamon Spice Glass Pillar Collection, Cinnamon Stick Classic Kitchen, Warm Apple Pie Premium Round, Mulled Cider Décor Collection, Mulled Cider 38 oz. Sq Village Classics, and Orange Cinnamon Premium Round.  


    Eucalyptus: This distinct fragrance has a minty, pine scent.  Typically used for medicinal purposes, Eucalyptus opens sinuses and bronchial passages to help treat coughs, colds, and relieve headaches.

    Village Candle matches: Country Pine Cone New Kitchen Collection and Citrus Herb Village Classic.  


    Jasmine: This delicate aroma is described as rich with a honey-like sweetness and is used to fight stress and anxiety, treat insomnia, and relieve anger.

    Village Candle matches: Cherry Blossom Radiance Collection, Cherry Blossom Premium Round, Gardenia Premium Round, Sweet Tea Premium Round, Natural Cotton Décor Collection, Pure Linen Premium Round, Summer Breeze Décor Collection.


    Lavender: Sweet with a balsamic and floral fragrance, lavender is used to balance, sooth, calm, relax, and heal.  Its properties help treat nervous and sleep disorders, exhaustion, and headaches.  It is also known to soothe infants, a helpful tool for every new mother.

    Village Candle matches: French Lavender Décor Collection, Lavender Mist Radiance Collection, Lavender Premium Round, Wish Upon a Star Premium Round, Pure Linen Premium Round, and Citrus & Sage Décor Collection.


    Lemon: Evocative of a lemon’s fresh ripe peel, this aroma is cheerful, uplifting, and refreshing.  Its main function is to enhance mental clarity and improve memory, but also acts as a stress reliever with anti-depressant type effects.

    Village Candle matches: Hibiscus Décor Collection, Hibiscus Premium Round, Lemon Pound Cake Premium Round, Celebration 38 oz. Sq. Village Classics, Sun Splash Glass Pillar Collection, Pinkalicious Glass Pillar Collection, and Citrus & Sage Décor Collection.


    Patchouli: This intense and complex aroma is described as earthy, rich, sweet, balsamic, woody, and spicy.  It is an exotic scent that is romantic, soothing, and sensual.

    Village Candle matches: Canyon Sunset Premium Round, Eternal 26 oz Premium Round, Patchouli Peppercorn Décor Collection, Snowberry Radiance Collection.


    Peppermint: A powerful, sweet, and menthol aroma, peppermint is used to enhance alertness and memory.  It is the perfect scent to help you wake up in the morning.

    Village Candle matches: Chocolate Peppermint Swirl New Kitchen Collection and Peppermint Mocha Limited Edition Premium Round.  


    Rose: This sweet fragrance is warm, intense, and rich.  It is known to be both an anti-depressant and aphrodisiac that lifts moods and enhances relaxation.

    Village Candle matches: Just For You Premium Round, English Garden Radiance Collection, Lily of the Valley Premium Round, Wild Rose Décor Collection, Wild Rose Premium Round, Exotica Radiance Wooden Wick Collection, and Summer Breeze Décor Collection.


    Sandalwood: Described as a sweet-woody, warm aroma, sandalwood is used to calm nerves and increase confidence.

    Village Candle matches: Wild Rose Décor Collection, Wild Rose Premium Round, Egyptian Sandalwood Premium Round, Eternal 26 oz Premium Round, Fireside Radiance Collection, Mountain Current Radiance Collection, and Vanilla Sandalwood Radiance Collection.


    Vanilla: This lingering, sweet fragrance is used to calm, comfort, and provide balance.

    Village Candle matches: Baked Apple New Kitchen Collection, Caramel Almond Cookie New Kitchen Collection, Creamy Vanilla Premium Round, Maple Butter Classic Kitchen, Maple Butter Premium Round, Salted Caramel 26 oz Premium Round, Sweet Buttercream Premium Round, Sweet Buttercream New Kitchen, Vanilla Caramel Swirl Premium Round, Vanilla Cupcake Décor Collection, Vanilla Cupcake Premium Round, Cherry Vanilla Swirl Décor Collection, Cherry Vanilla Swirl Premium Round, and Vanilla Pear New Kitchen Collection. 

  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    With Mother’s Day fast approaching, many of us are struggling to find the perfect gift for all of the wonderful mothers in our lives.  A bottle of perfume, spa gift card, and coupon book of IOUs are lovely gifts, but haven’t you done that before?  Think outside the box this year, and consider a themed gift package inspired by one of our exquisite, handmade candles paired with a potted plant or tree, floral bouquet, or herb garden.  It makes for a beautiful, well-thought out gift that capture her favorite aroma both indoors and out.

    Unless you already know your Mother’s favorite scent, the first step is to do your homework.  Does she prefer a floral fragrance or more of a citrus scent?  No matter her favorite aroma, the options are endless with this themed gift idea.  We will provide some direction, but you can add your own personal touch to make it that much more sentimental.

    You can buy this special edition, laser-etched candle here. Limited quantities!

    Spring Blossom:  For the Mom who loves to garden, capture the essence of spring with scents from our floral collection inspired by the season’s most fragrant blooms. Some of our favorites include Gardenia Premium Round, Hydrangea Premium Round, Cherry Blossom Radiance Collection, and Cherry Blossom Premium Round. Visit your local florist or nursery, and select the same flower as the candle that you can pot or have the florist assemble a beautiful bouquet.  Complete the gift basket with a gift card to the nursery and new gardening supplies – gloves, kneeling pad, shovel, pruner, etc.

    Citrus Grove: If Mom loves a zesty, sweet citrus aroma, she will enjoy any of our citrus-based candles such as Lemon Pound Cake Premium Round, Pinkalicious Glass Pillar Collection, Cranberry Orange New Kitchen Collection, or Orange Dreamsicle Limited Edition.  Pair with a lemon tree or a citrus cocktail tree that grows multiple citrus varieties so she can add garnish to her favorite drink (available at Lowe’s or online retailers such as  Complete the package with lemon infused olive oil, soaps, or citrus-flavored foods.

    Herb Garden:  For the Mom that loves to cook, choose an herb-scented candle from the Citrus Herb Village Classics Collection or the Citrus & Sage Décor Collection.  Next, select Mom’s favorite herbs and plant an herb garden in a large planter for easy picking as she prepares one of her fabulous gourmet meals.  To complete the garden, purchase special labels for each herb that was planted.  Another idea is to add pre-mixed tins of dried herbs from a gourmet market or jars of individual dried herbs with fun labels that will help organize the pantry.

    Homemade Treats: If the aroma of freshly baked apple pie or blueberry muffins is reminiscent of special times with Mom in the kitchen, this gift will truly warm her heart.  Pair a Blueberry Muffin Premium Round candle with a blueberry plant (found at or a Baked Apple New Kitchen Collection candle with an apple tree (  Add a personalized or monogrammed apron with baking supplies or specialty ingredients from a gourmet market.  Include a card that recollects your childhood memory of her making these homemade treats at home.  A very happy Mom is guaranteed with this gift!

    To make this Mother’s Day gift even more special, get the kids involved.  Visit your local craft store to purchase a flower pot, some paint, and get those little hands painting!  Nothing is more special than tiny handprints and fingerprints!   It’s also a great way for the children to take part in the gift giving, so they too can show their appreciation for Mom or Grandma.

    To all of the Mother’s reading this blog, we want to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

    Blog by Village Candle