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  • Delicious Bread and Butter Recipes Inspired by Our Newest Candle: Warm Buttered Bread

    Now you can take yourself on a virtual trip to a Paris bakery with the aromatic sensation of our newest candle, Warm Buttered Bread! Just sit back, relax, and let your senses go wild! If you wish to share the enjoyment, make it a favorite gift for the holidays (or all year long for that matter!). Paired with freshly baked homemade bread and an assortment of butters, it’s an irresistible gift that will make anyone smile. Check out the simple recipes below for delicious breads and butters that even the pickiest eater will enjoy!

    Village Candle Butter Bread

    Honey-Whole Wheat Bread

    This recipe is delicious and nutritious! Smothered with one of the flavored buttered recipes below, it’s like heaven!

    Betty Crocker Bread Recipe

    Recipe courtesy of Betty Crocker

    Cinnamon Streusel Quick Bread

    This amazing recipe is so easy and wonderful. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and makes for a great dessert or breakfast bread.

    Betty Crocker Cinnamon Bread Recipe

    Recipe courtesy of Betty Crocker

    Banana Walnut Bread

    Who doesn’t love banana bread? Start your day with a warm slice of this yummy breakfast treat.

    Food Network Banana Bread Recipe

    Recipe courtesy of Food Network

    Gold Medal Classic White Bread

    Here’s another classic must-have recipe. Again, pair with any of the flavored butters, and you’re in for a treat!

    Classic White Bread Recipe

    Recipe courtesy of Betty Crocker

    Zucchini Bread

    This may be the easiest way to squeeze zucchini in your diet. Even if zucchini isn’t your favorite food, you’ll enjoy this delicious bread!

    Betty Crocker Zucchini Bread Recipe

    Recipe courtesy of Betty Crocker

    Pumpkin Bread

    A wonderful, seasonal staple that can be enjoyed all year long! Make sure to add this to your Thanksgiving menu or give as a gift for those you are thankful for.

    Food Network Pumpkin Bread Recipe








    Recipe courtesy of Food Network

    Six Fancy Flavorful Butter Recipes

    Butter, butter, and more butter. Need we say more? These delicious recipes are the perfect complement to all of your favorite baked breads.

    Fancy Pear Flavored Butter










    Recipe courtesy of Southern Living

  • Back to School Gifts: Teacher Appreciation Candles

    Hard to believe, but summer is almost over and the kids are heading back to school!  A nice way to kick off the school year is to give your child’s new teacher a “Back to School” gift.  It’s the perfect ice breaker for the first day of school and a token of your appreciation for the love, support, and knowledge the teacher will provide throughout the coming year.

    Scented Candle Teacher Thank You Gift

    What do you give you might ask?  We’ve got the solution!  Our apple-scented and teacher inspired candles, #1 Teacher and Teacher Thank You, paired with a basket of school supplies or a gift card to Wal-Mart or The Dollar Store (teachers often pay out of pocket for their own school supplies), makes for thoughtful gifts sure to warm the hearts of teachers everywhere.

    Scented Candle #1 Teacher Gift

    Get the kids involved in the gift giving as well!  This will give them a better understanding of the child/ teacher relationship and allow them to further appreciate the new person giving them direction and order.  So get your pens and pencils ready, it’s time for homework and school projects again!

    Why are apples associated with teachers?
    Symbolism – The apple is a symbol of variety, change, and growth.  Without love and support, the fruit becomes bitter and undesirable.

    History – Dating back to the 16th century, in countries such as Denmark, Sweden and the United States, educators were often paid by the parents with foods such as fruit and potatoes (teachers didn’t earn enough to sustain the cost of living).  At the time apples were considered a “luxury” fruit as they were difficult to plant, cultivate and harvest.  Teachers were made to feel special when gifted with an apple.

    The Bible – Teachers and the apple are also often associated with the special story in the Bible, in which Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.